Welcome to Frederic J. Tausch website.
You will find some of my projects and a short presentation of myself on this site.

What I Do

I love hacking things.
A „good hack“ is usually understand as a clever solution to problem, therefore “hacking” is the act of creating that solution.

I develop simple, creative and intelligent solutions to complex problems by taking a look from different perspectives at the problem.


Who I Am

I love to work on my own projects and create new solutions to different problems.

I am currently studying computer science at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology and a student assistant at the department of informatics.
Furthermore I am a board member in the PionierGarage with the responsibility for the Launchpad, the first student Incubator in Germany.


My Work

Here is a list of my recent projects.

Say Hello.

Feel free to contact me.